Real Girlfriends in Paris

Stock Passy photo because I won't promote

I will not be writing about this show. I used to love a Bravo reality show. I remember watching Bravo when it first started and they showed endless West Wing, but now that I'm older I can't with fake drama. And I can't with any show that glamorizes Paris. 

Emily in Paris is one thing, this is another. A friend of mine remembers when they sent out the casting for this. It's kind of weird to think that members of Women in Paris are the people on this show. She should have auditioned. A cynical Aussie who works for Greenpeace? You love to see it. But that's not what they're trying to show. They're showing a fictionalized version of Paris. 

A 90's classic

Any long time readers know I don't play that way. I don't glamorize, I don't take part in that Emily lyfe, and definitely do not put that on others. All it does is create a false perception of Paris that leads you to believe your life is shit because it doesn't look like that. I'm strictly a Twitter user for a reason. 

That said I really hope no one takes it seriously. And above all else, please do not compare yourself to that. I saw the previews and nothing about that show seems real (even the restaurants looked weird).