Grandes Vacances Break

*insert stock vacation photo*

It is Grandes Vacances. Not that I have much to say. You live here for 8 years what else can you say? It’s honestly really hard for me to think of topics to write about because Paris isn’t that interesting. I mean, it probably is for people who don’t live here, or for people that see it once every 10 years or so. When you’ve lived here for as long? You’ve seen it all, you’ve done it all. 

But I know that people have questions and something new always pops up when you look at it with fresh eyes. Feel free to reach out by DM, I honestly don’t mind. I may not write often, but that doesn’t mean I’ve completely given up on this siteI know I’ve been writing less and less, but living here for so long, I don’t see it the same way so I don’t know what to write about anymore. 

Especially when it comes to helping people through the headache that is being new here or just the headache of dealing with the French. That was so long ago, I barely remember what it was like. I have a really easy life now, you can’t write about problems when you don’t have them. As someone who loves complaining about the French, sadly I have nothing to moan about. Shocking, I know. 

Paris is just Paris. What else can I say that hasn’t been said? No, really what else? Questions, comments, concerns, ideas, all are welcome. 

In the meantime happy vacations! Maybe I’ll feel more inspired or reinvigorated to start writing again on this site after rentrĂ©e. Nothing makes you miss Paris more than being away from it. 

And nothing makes you hate it more than coming back. But no really I don't hate Paris anymore (only sometimes). Living in Paris on an American salary makes Paris cake. Everyone should go to America, find a job, and then move here. No wonder Emily Cooper is so annoyingly happy.