Stranger Things à Paris

Taking a photo in front of this was pretty cool

I’m not a Stranger Things super fan by any means. When it first came out I enjoyed the nostalgia, but the storyline never really did it for me, and it doesn’t get any better with passing seasons (imo). But this year I timed my viewing of Season 4 to the point where I didn’t have to wait a month for Part II. I was so excited to see the final two episodes after that stunning reveal that I turned that Friday into a self care day and binged all 4 hours as soon as I was done with work. I had my phone on silent so no one could bother me, and I let everyone know this is what’s up, do not expect a reply. My friend thought I was obsessed so the next day when she saw this she was like c’est parfait pour toi.

The article made it seem like this was some kind of exhibit that also doubled as a store, but in truth it’s a store that has some exhibit elements to it. I took my other friend who is a huge Stranger Things fan, and while Joyce Byer’s couch was cute, “it weren’t all that”. They didn’t even have Hellfire Club shirts, but they had Rink o’ Rama shorts??? Most of the merchandise was sold out when we went. Things were pretty bare. 

The store is located on Champs Elysess (burgh) and will run through July and August. It is free, but you can avoid waiting in line by reserving your spot. If you decide to forgo the RSVP and just show up, know that the line when I went was 300 people deep.