La Nuit aux Invalides

This had been on my radar for forever. I remember the tickets for it being on sale at Carrefour back when I was lived at Abbesses (yeah a long time ago). I was kind of always saving it for a special occasion, but we only live once right? 

Every summer the Invalides puts on a light show. It only happens during the summer so it's a short window of time. Invalides is my favorite building in Paris and also my favorite museum (they did a beautiful job with it's design). I feel like I've done the special night shows a few times, but this one is a bit different because you aren't actually allowed inside of it. 

The light show takes place exclusively in the courtyard. It’s about 30-45 minutes, it’s not long at all. I would recommend splurging on the “avec chaise” option because the floor is cobbled and that just seems uncomfortable. I was seated in the second row but if you get there a bit early you can probably get in the first. If you don’t choose the option with chair you will be seated on the ground (or you can stand) behind the chairs so really what’s 26€.

You can turn up at the Invalides and buy the tickets on-site but I purchased mine on the website. If you’re not an English or French speaker you probably won’t enjoy the show. The funny thing is the audio on the English went out for a beat when they were talking about Napoleon and I know they were saying something sus.

While most of the show takes place from the point of view of the Invalides (yes, it’s some existential French shit), they are heavy heavy pro-Napoleon which is really funny from an English speaking perspective because our history books tell a different story. 

But all in an all it’s fun little way to pass the time and I recommend it if you want something to do. You can find more information here: