I Miss the Little Things, I Miss Everything About You

When I'm Alone I'd Rather Be with You

Paris to me is like that relationship between two really old people. Maybe this is only a thing in American culture but they’ve been together for 50 years, they tell each other they hate each other all the time, they argue, they bicker, but at the end of the day love means never giving up. Besides in American English you only hate someone that you really love. “I hate you” is American for ‘bitch I would die for you’. Yeah our concept of love may be toxic… whatever, it's romantic.

But I digress. The other day I was driving home from Normandy. And when I tell you I hate going outside of Paris… the French really have conned the rest of the world (cue music from Deliverance but make it European). Anyway here I was passing French countryside and all I could think about was how I just wanted to get to the periph. November Rain was playing and I was Axel to Stephanie Seymour, I was Slash in that churchyard (only 90's kids get it). Doesn’t matter that I have to get all the way to the Seine, as long as I see those beautiful, basic bitch beige, 6 story buildings I’ll know I’m home. 

when you're on the periph and all that beige comes into view

It may have been the fatigue, the lack of sustenance, and the lack of sleep, but that’s when I realized the same feeling I have when I get to America is almost the same feeling I have towards Paris. Do I hate her with everything in me? Sure. Does she annoy the fuck out of me? Hell yes. Do we understand each other? Not even a little. But everyone knows "everybody needs somebody”. I love/hate that dirty old hag. She’s the soulmate I never wanted. 

Americans in 

I will always have big Colonizer energy. Rich bitch American energy. The French ego is big but mine is bigger energy. It’s the American way (the English know what I’m talking about, where do you think we got it from?). While I love Belleville for it’s native feel, let’s be real, if Americans took it, it’s probably worth something. We only steal the best 🤌

And so it’s that starting off point that I started to look. Ask any expat and they will tell you