Waste Not, Want Not

A little tip. I order weekly from Monoprix. Sometimes more because I love just going online, telling them what I want, and having them show up. Yesterday they dropped off two pallets of Starbucks coffee, which was embarrassing because they actually left it in the pallet (usually they take them out and put them in bags), but then he was like "I get it, I was in NYC last year, NY coffee is the best". Starbucks is actually from Seattle, but I didn't have the heart to tell him that. At least he didn't judge me, and they didn't waste plastic bags.

Anyway since I order often and hardly pay attention to those emails they send every week, I didn't realize that I could give my bags back. I hate plastic but it's not like they can pack them in canvas bags every time they come by. What you can do is give your bags back to the driver. Monoprix says they recycle them. They incentivize it by giving you 10c for each bag, which is what you pay for the bags (yeah I didn't know either, I don't pay attention to what I spend). At the same time what am I going to do with them? Bin them in the yellow bin so I don't really need a reason. 

At first the driver's didn't take them, or even offer. I guess it takes too much time and they just want to drop off and go, but now I leave my bags on the door so they have a head's up that they need to take them. They don't usually count them, but I don't really care about the credit to my account, I just want them to recycle them so I feel less bad about them. If you find that you're missing a credit, and you're a Flix subscriber, you can always contact them on Whatsapp. 

More information can be found here.