The Fork Festival

Picked because it's pretty. One of this year's Fork restaurants

I’m kind of a French food hater (quelle surprise). They talk a lot of big game so I expected more. My ex used to love trying out restaurants, and I always felt bad for letting him down. We’d get to a restaurant, he’d be so excited about it, he would go to the Financial Times, do his research, genuinely be excited about places, and I’d be the buzzkill like “it weren’t all that”. 

Maybe it was an English thing. When you come from a place that boils meat... But it was always the same; steak and frites, beef tartare, hamburger, magret de canard. I was always expecting to be 💥blown away💥. ‘Food capital of the world’, wow me, turn me into Bourdain when he gets his hands on pork, something, and it was always same old, same old. I guess I watched Simply Irresistible too many times as a kid. *Psst New York has better restaurants* 

If you favor yourself as a gourmand, the Fork Festival is back. Fork is an app that you can use to book tables through. I haven’t used it in a long time because most restaurants allow you to book online through their website. The festival takes place April 21st to June 5th. It’s mostly a way for restaurants to get their bookings up, but you get 50% off so it’s a good way to try out places you wouldn’t have tried before. 

You can find the participating restaurants here. It's best to book early because places fill up quickly.