Meetup Planned for Wednesday

I don’t usually post these on here because it’s not really my thing, or what the site is for, but I know there are always other women who are looking for meets, and not everyone runs in the same circle. For a minute I did think of making meetups a more permanent thing, but I can’t pay attention to anything longer than 5 minutes. I lose interest. 

To be honest I had kind of forgotten I had asked for a group meet. I was like what can I plan that exhausts the least energy... duh near my house is the best spot for sunny Paris (no joke is it ever going to rain?). The admin of the group I’m in posted it for the wrong day, and I can barely remember what week it is much less plans from over a week ago (I depend on Siri for everything). The group (Single Ladies in Paris) is private so I can’t post the invite here but if anyone wants to join us on Wednesday 4/27 we’ll be doing drinks on the Seine after work. From 7:30p onwards. Feel free to shoot me a message for details. Between metro Alma Marceau and Invalides.