Nuit Blanche 2021

This year’s Nuit Blanche takes place on Saturday night, October 2nd until the morning of October 3 from 19h to 7h. The metro will of course be open all night so you can hop around the city with ease. As with all museums you will probably need your pass sanitaire so plan to have that in advance. On August 27th the government streamlined the process for tourists so you can now use this link.

The event is going to be broken up into Center, North, East and West. The city has also planned a few "urban" hiking trips. I guess to make it easier to move around because usually it's so big that you can only take in one area. I've tried to visit multiple museums on one night and it's not possible. The lines are too long. Not to mention shows go on at different times and if you're planning to see something at 8, you probably can't rush to the other side of the city for something at 10. 

Center will take place in the Marais. It says that there are 74 events. The Marais is small, I cannot imagine how they have managed to plan 74 events in the area, but here is the list of acts, and the map to help you plan better: Parcours Centre 

North will take place in the north of the 19th. It only has 29 events, but one year they closed down a part of the periph and turned it into an all night disco. For this area it looks like they're incorporating the Philharmonic, a swimming pool, and an electric circus. The plan for Nord is here: Parcours Nord

East is happening in the 20th and 12th near Saint Mande and Bois de Vincennes area. They have 36 events planned for the area. The plan for that is here: Parcours Est

And lastly West, which seems to be taking place in the 16th. I am very shocked that nothing was planned for the Invalides area as in previous years they've connected the Grand Palais with the Invalides. Not to mention you have the Palais de Tokyo, Quai Branly, Orangerie, Paris Modern Art, and the Petit Palais within 10 minutes distance. West features 17 events taking place around the 16th and Malakoff. The plan is here: Parcours Ouest

As for the GR® 75 hiking tours, you have 3 tours, with the TRAM Contemporary art network broken into East Route (the 12th) and West Route (Malakoff). The Robin Decourcy Dance Trek is between Vincennes and Bercy. The meet will take place on Daumesnil in the 12th. For those who may not know the area, Daumesnil has the highline park that is on top of the arcades of the Viaduct des Arts that takes you to Vincennes. You can start your trek at Bastille Opera. It's been years since I've gone there, but it takes you very quickly to Vincennes. The Audax® of the Nuit Blanche is dubbed "a sporty hike (6 km / hour)". Not sure how they will accomplish that in Paris proper, but you'll get a certificate for finishing it. And lastly there are short hikes that will be supervised by volunteer guides from the Paris Committee of the French Hiking Federation. The info for that has not been updated yet so stay tuned.