Pretend It’s a City

I ❤️ Fran Leibowitz. She gives me hope. I look at her, and see my future, and know that somewhere someone else gets ‘it’. 

If you have not watched Pretend It’s a City, you’re missing out. Although I can’t really talk as it sat in my Netflix queue for a long time, but don’t make my mistake. Watch it. 

The series is directed by Martin Scorsese, but it is not a Scorsese film. It’s basically a seven episode interview of Fran Leibowitz talking about everything and anything; her life, her hobbies, her career, but mostly pertaining to NYC. It has vintage clips interspersed through out, and they were great vintage clips. I began watching it after coming off from the Booksellers (also a good New York doc). 

In the first episode Fran asks the tourists to pretend New York is a city. The same can be said of Paris’ tourists. One of my biggest pet peeves in Paris are the slow walkers who act like they have nowhere to be. How many times I’ve wished they realized that Paris is a real place with real people who live real lives. 

Let’s just say I agree with a lot of her thoughts and ideas and what she says. You know when you agree with someone on everything and you're like wow, do we share a brain? I can’t recommend it enough. I know it doesn’t have anything to do with Paris, but if you’ve sat through my moaning and can stomach it, then you might want to check out New York City’s most famous, easily annoyed curmudgeon. 

While the subject is NYC, a lot of the same can be said of Paris (minus the crime and dirt). In some ways it actually makes you appreciate how much better Paris is in comparison. You begin to realize, wow Paris is actually pretty well run. It could be worse.