A Bit of a Break

As I mentioned I do not spend summers in Paris anymore. I am no longer an illegal immigrant (but as an American I always got to go by the first world moniker of “expat”) so I am no longer tethered to Paris. Freedom to come and go is a beautiful thing. 

I have not been posting much because I’m not there so I have nothing to talk about. Besides no Parisian worth their salt is in Paris so there isn't much going on anyhow. Apparently the tourists aren’t even visiting. Now might actually be the perfect time to be there. The lines, are gone. You can actually see the Mona Lisa. Franky that is one thing to look forward to returning to; Paris without tourists 🎉🥳

I’ll return to posting more tips, tricks and insights when I return. Or at some point. Is there anything more to be said that I haven’t already?   

Mask up and enjoy your [socially distanced] summer holidays.