How to Get Your Healthpass/Le Pass Sanitaire

You may have heard the announcement last week. Macron announced that beginning in August you would need to present a healthpass or vaccine passport (pass sanitairefor pretty much anything involving public socializing. You would need it if you wanted to eat in a restaurant, go to a museum, travel on a train, so it’s something that everyone needs to have.

The issue though is that everyone outside of Europe won’t have access to the EU healthpass. Even if you aren’t European you will still need it in order to do anything in France. Of course if you’re coming from a country with an approved vaccine it’s not that big of an issue.

For Americans you'll be able to enter the country by showing your CDC card. What you’ll need to do as soon as you arrive is take your vaccination card to a health professional. The easiest being a pharmacist. You can make an appointment with a doctor, but pharmacies are everywhere and easily accessible. The pharmacist will input your information, and you will be given the pass sanitaire. Once given that, upload it (or keep the paper copy if you’re old school), and use it anywhere they ask for it. It's as easy as that. 

Update: you can no longer go to a pharmacy and now need to fill out the form below. You will need to send it in an email with your passport, airline ticket, and COVID card.

Update: you now submit your information to this website: