Cler Immo

I found an apartment with Cler Immo at 5 rue du Champ de Mars in 75007. At first it was a very good experience. The lady who was in contact with me was very responsive, she was really on top of it, and seemed to be really determined to get me into the apartment. I was impressed with her tenacity.

But I’m American and I had to use Garantme. For almost two weeks Garantme would not get my certificate together. Back and forth we went because they were not giving me the correct amount, and then the agency was asking me to pay for 10 days that I would not occupy the apartment. They were telling me it was non negotiable and I had to pay. Finally Cler Immo cancelled everything citing my inability to be certified for the rental amount. A day later Garantme provided the certification for the amount. Garantme emailed to let all parties know, but was told the agency does not wish to continue, not even for other apartments they offered.

While Garantme was putting my paperwork together I had already begun to review the contract and send the agency their fee. After the agency cancelled everything, and refused to refund the money I paid. They ignored my emails asking them to refund it.

I contacted Garantme to help but they couldn’t do anything. Now my only hope was Wise (Transferwise), who I used to wire the money. They are initiating a procedure. 

I thought they were a good agency but refusing to refund 525€ I sent them (the agency fee to rent the apartment, which I never rented), is fraudulent. If you’re an American (Gros Caillou is a very American neighborhood), I would advise not to rent with them. If I had a French bank account this might be easier but Wise will have to figure it out. Or I’ll have to contact a lawyer. In any event I will make a report to the Police because that’s what you do in Paris.

It’s such bad business to steal money for an apartment I never rented. They cancelled the procedure and then stole my money. They’re thieves. You don’t want to do business with thieves.