Life Hack: The Navigo

I wanted to drop a quick post about this because it seems like another easy thing that isn’t readily known. The metro was supposed to dump paper tickets in August and everyone was supposed to buy a Navigo if they wanted to ride. I don’t know exactly what happened but here we are in February and the paper tickets are still available.

For people coming to the city, most of the tourist websites tell you to buy a pass from the metro stations. This can be done easily enough, but if you have a bit of time, and want it for free, you can apply for one on the website. You upload your photo, and provide a Paris mailing address, and within two weeks your pass is mailed to you. If you’re staying at a hotel you can ask them to if they can hold mail for you. 

When you get it you can charge it up at any metro station. This way you can pay for unlimited use by the week, month or year. And I suppose when RATP does finally implement it’s no paper ticket rule, you’ll be prepared with pass in hand. 

As for now they still don’t have the ability to buy a ticket through your phone and sans contact it at a barrier if you have an iPhone. Maybe one day (most likely 10 years from now) the technology that is available in London will be made available here but until then...