Life Hack: Parisian Stores and their American Equivalents

Here's a simple list of what I've found in Paris to be the American equivalent of stores I'm used to. I'm by no means an expert on France's offerings, but so far in my quest to find the convenience of home this is what I've discovered.

Best Buy: Darty, FNAC, Boulanger
Academy/Sports Authority: Decathalon
Target: Monoprix, Hema and Marks and Spencer 
Ulta: Monop Beauty
Home Depot/Lowe's: Castorama
Bed, Bath and Beyond: Conforama (but with furniture)
Walmart: Tati
Whole Foods: Natuealia and Bio c' Bon

Unfortunately I have yet to find the equivalent of a Ross or Homegoods (the bin stores on Boulevard de Rochechouart? but I've never stopped and browsed). If for some reason you really miss shopping at a mall (why?) you have Beaugrenelle (15th), Forum des Halles (1st), Italie 2 (13th) and Les Quatre Temps (La Defense). For department stores, Galleries Lafayette (8th, 14th and 15th), Printemps (8th), BHV (4th) and Le Bon Marche (7th). BHV is my absolute favorite store because it's like an all in one. If you could combine Hobby Lobby, Barnes and Noble, Home Depot, Williams Sonoma and Nordstrom, you'd get BHV. For a truly beautiful experience head to the Galleries Lafayette on Champs Elysées. France really has a way with creating the most beautiful department stores and the Galleries LaFayette there is a work of art.