Language Schools

Here's a list of language schools for those interested. Campus France has their own list (if you're applying for a visa), otherwise this is a mix of some of the approved ones and randoms. The biggies of course are Sorbonne, Alliance Francaise, and France Langue. Make sure you read the fine print because some ask for enrollment fees, deposits, and course material fees, in addition to tuition. If you're trying to apply for a visa make sure you sign up for the correct number of hours. If you're an aupair you'll get a discount but you need to show proof of your work contract when you enroll.

Lutece Langue - 4th arrondissement 
Starting at €141 for 7 hours, 1-3 weeks

Sorbonne - 5th arrondissement 
Starting at €1750 for 15 hours a week from September to November 

Alliance Francaise - 6th arrondissement 
Starting at €250 for 20 hours a week. Lower prices for courses with less hours.

Accord - 9th arrondissement
Starting at €310 for 20 hours a week. Accepts monthly installments for tuition. 

L’Atelier 9 -9th arrondissement
Starting at €830 for 80 hours over 4 weeks

France Langue - 9th, 16th and 5th arrondissement 
Starting at €250 for 20 hours a week.

Paris Langues - 14th arrondissement 
€800, 15 hours a week for 4 weeks. Offers accommodation.

Campus Langues - 19th arrondissement and La Defense
Starting at €59.60 a week for 10 hours a week