Doing Your Civic Duty

I'm sure I've mentioned here that I'm a lover of politics so of course I went ahead and registered for absentee voting. This year is the midterms, so not the biggie, but nevertheless important. If you're going to do your civic duty, reminder you have to register to vote a month before. Possibly more if you're applying to absentee vote? It's probably a lot of trouble, especially since it has to be done by post, which is just idiotic when there's perfectly good internet to be used, but I'm not going to miss my opportunity to vote just because I'm no longer in America. 

Yeah I know it's basically useless since I'm a liberal socialist in a red state but on a civic level San Antonio (and Austin) is pretty democrat so while Rick Perry may get to rule for another day, at least the Southern part of Texas will have some liberals. I have hope that one day we'll get an Ann Richards type revival (if you don't know who Ann Richards is check out the doco HBO did. She was inspiring and a true boss bitch). 

If you're like 'meh' to the whole voting thing, I really hope you change your mind. I took that Ray Bradbury story to heart when I was a wee second grader so I tend to get high and mighty when I hear people say "what does it matter if I vote?". Ugh! It's so important. It really is. If you're currently in America, come November 4th take your ass down to those voting booths. There's no excuse. Not even "duh bitch it's a weekday, I work". If you have to work that Tuesday, tell your boss to eat a hard one because they're infringing on your right to vote. Legally they're not allowed to deny you time off.

If you're abroad go to and it will give you a PDF of the application after you've entered all of your information. It will then give you the address of your county's voting office. It tells you to mail it in but I sent it to the email address listed and the lady who works in the San Antonio office accepted it. No need to kill some trees or buy postage.