Storing Your Stuff in Paris

I had to go back to America and I didn't want take my luggage with me, especially since most of it is winter clothes, and if I get my wish I'll be here again in the winter, so why cart it around with me? I wasn't really sure if they did storage units here because it's Paris and I would think those units would screw up the Parisian "look". Not to mention I used to pass a car on St. Louis (the title pic, sorry for the fuzziness) that mad me think you kind of had to go with whatever you could in terms of places to store all of your horder tendencies. But I found a couple of options so I'll share what I've learned. 

Renting a Space for Less Than 7 Days

If you only need to store your luggage for less than seven days, the lockers at the train stations

Luggage Storage for 1-90 Days

I was going to go with Blue Marble. They offer a myriad of services but their luggage service is what I was interested in. They're located near Les Halles in the 2nd so it's a good central location. They charge €25 as a flat rate and €1 a day. If your luggage is over 50lbs it's €45 and €1.5 a day. You pay up front, and if you go over the time you paid for (and you can't pick up your luggage for some reason) you pay the rest when you pick it up. 

They also store bicycles, skis, and they will transport your luggage so you don't have to lug it around Paris.

Storage Units

So I wasn't sure how long the Embassy/Visa process would take and I didn't want to pay €100 to store my luggage. I decided to look into proper storage units. I really didn't want so much space but they were only going to charge me €50 a month for a unit so I couldn't pass it up. 

The guy was really nice at the one I went to in the 13th. They didn't have any 1m units so he gave me the 2m unit for the same price, which was too big but eh. In order to rent you need your id, a bank statement, and a bill. They don't take Amex, but he let me pay in cash because I didn't have another option (I still haven't gotten my bank card). And because the printer in my flat wasn't working he let me email him all of that stuff and then he printed them for me. 

Make sure you have a lock too. Obviously it's more when you have to buy it from them.